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How to Kiss a Girl and Drive Her Crazy!

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Have you ever kissed a girl before and it just seemed completely awkward? You put your lips in one place and she puts her lips in another and before you know it your teeth crash together, and than you try a little tongue action only to choke her to death, and than all of a sudden you make this loud disgusting slimy noise that just blows the whole mood. Well than you came to the right place!

I'm going to walk you through several steps you must take to "kiss a girl and drive her crazy".

Step 1. So you've been on several dates with somebody and now your ready to take the next step. To ascertain the understanding that a kiss is about to presume amongst both parties, use the skillful technique of touch and whisper. Playfully touch or graze her arm (not her hand) and say something funny, romantic or poetic in her ear to break the ice. You could also find something funny about something or someone on the street and whisper in her ear "hey look at that funny guy over there". This will distract her from the fact that you are like a few inches away from her ear. Now once she turns her head back after giggling for a second, you can sort of get the signal. This works as an indirect approach. This will warm the plate and send a more definite signal that she wants to kiss you.

Step 2. IMITATION: This is the most important step of all steps. As you slowly touch her lips, gently imitate her movements "equal" to her intensity level. Pay careful attention to the way she moves. You don't want to come in too aggressive as this may cause her to lose trust in you and be turned off. I know, I know... some women like it rough but trust me, the one that you want, wants it nice and easy. This will make her feel very relaxed around you. Women have this preconceived notion and fantasy of how their knight in shining armor will sweep them off their feet with a kiss. Following there movement is basically following how they want it. In a way, they are subconsciously showing you how they want to be kissed. So by imitating her technique you are essentially being the person she fantasizes about.

Step 3. RELAX: Don't tighten up your mouth, jaws and tongue. Keep your mouth area nice and loose.

Step 4. OPEN OR CLOSED: Pay attention to whether or not she kisses you with her eyes open or closed. If she has her eyes open then she is doing either 1 of 3 things.
1.) She is losing trust in you
2.) She is self conscious about the way she is kissing and is watching your reaction or...
3.) Your breath smells like hot garbage and she feels very uncomfortable. In any case, you must step up your game plan, modify your technique or grab a breath mint if you fall into scenario 3. Remember you want to make her feel that she kisses just as good as you whether she does or not. I find it rather creepy when you open your eyes during a kiss only to find her staring at you.

Step 5. LEADERSHIP: Lead her as if you were doing the samba or salsa but very subtly and gently. Remember you have to keep in mind that women want a strong leader. Slowly transition yourself to the next position. For example: Gently place your two lips on her bottom lip and slowly graze a little tongue underneath the bottom lip. Then allow her to take the initiative to return the favor if she desires.

Step 6. HOW LONG? Well of course there really is no set time limit but it is always good for you to pull away first before she does. You have to do it in a way that does not make her feel that she did not perform well.

Step 7. WHEN DO I STOP AND WHAT DO I DO AFTER? So right before your lips start to get numb slowly disable your lips from hers just as seductive as the way you were kissing her. Your body language tells everything so make sure you smile and blush for her. Tell her how good of a kisser she is. Then turn away and start an interesting intellectual conversation. Why would I want to do this? Women like a man who is intelligent, can hold a conversation, and more importantly has "strong will power and self control". It will leave her hypnotized, mesmerized and make you look like an enigma. Never ask her if you were a good kisser. You should be confident enough to know that you are the best.

Well that's all I have for you today folks but remember that life is short and a kiss is just a kiss.

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